November 2016 Newsletter

November 17, 2016

The Social Meeting of November 28th will feature Rich Core taking about his recent attendance to the Advanced Maintenance Class at the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) where he was able to build and then bring home an M1 Garand Rifle. This will be an informative and interesting discussion. If anyone is interested in attending the class and building their own M1 Garand information can be found by clicking here M1 Class (class is 3 days in Alabama at a cost of 1,830.00, Registration from November 21 to December 2).

The next Business Meeting is December 12th.

Once again at the October 24th Social Meeting Jamie Waller presented an excellent demonstration. This time it was on match rifle ammo reloading. Thanks Jamie.

Sight-in-Days saw some wonderful weather and a good turn out of volunteers and who helped sight in 177 guns. Impressive work everyone.

The Hunters Supper featured some fantastic food prepared by Chef Jim Buie and his helpers. Chef Jim also prepared lunch for the sight-in-days volunteers. Terrific work Jim and helpers. All the food left over from the supper was given to KSC member Jerry Lauzon who is involved with the Reining Liberty Ranch which provides equine therapeutic services to Veterans. Jerry reported that all of the donated food went to those veterans.

The Hawken 36 caliber custom made flintlock rifle donated by Jan Nickerson was raffled off at the Hunters Supper. Joe Gunsberg was the lucky winner.

The October 22 RSO class was attended by 12 KSC members. Thanks to all that attended.

2017 KSC Membership Renewals were mailed October 25th. If you haven’t received yours please call Bryan Wurm @ 231-492-5530.

The KSC is preparing a grant request from the NRA. If you have any suggestion for improvements to the Club’s facilities please contact Rich Core.

Name Change – Smith & Wesson’s shareholders at a special meeting on December 13 will be voting to change their name to American Outdoor Brands Corporation. Check out the reasons behind the name change here Name Change.

Firearms for Sale:
#161 – Marlin guide gun in 45-70.  Blued, walnut wood stock, has the JM mark. Has a box of ammo through it, comes w/another box of ammo. 18.5″ barrel, 4+1. $490.00    Email at or call 231-421-1456
#162 – Smith & Wesson Pistol, 38 special, model 36 in mint condition, $550.00.
#163 – Bersa Thunder UC9 PRO (compact) 13 round 9mm, matte black, DA/SA with de-cocker–Brand New, Never fired, in the box Excellent, reliable pistol–I kept this as a backup/ I already have another, and it’s time to thin things out. Current prices have jumped to 380-420 range. I’ll let this go for $300.00, and that’s a DEAL!
#164 – Astra Cadix copy of the Smith & Wesson .22 kit gun. 9-shot .22 DA/SA revolver, blued with 4″ barrel. Adjustable target sights, Pachmyr grips, extra set factory wood grips. + nice Leather belt holster.  $175.00, and that’s a deal too!  Astra was a Spanish Arms maker that built the Mustang for Colt for a while.

If you are interested in any of the last three please send a reply email with your name, phone number and the number of the firearm you are interested in. Then the weekend after the newsletter is sent I will forward the replies in the order received to the individual who has the firearm for sale so that they may contact you.

If you have any firearms that you would like to sell send an email with the information on what it is (brand, model, caliber, finish, barrel length, optics, etc.) and I will include it in the next newsletter. Please indicate if you wish to be contacted directly or through the Club’s email.

Reserved/dedicated range Activities. The following reserved activities have first right to the use of the range at the designated days/times. If you are at the range at the same time you will need to adjust your activities to accommodate their needs. Club members and the public are welcome to participate in these activities.

Pistol Shooters, every Sunday from noon until 3:00 pm. The first Sunday of the month is CCW day and the last Sunday of the month is .22 day. Sundays in between, shoot what you bring.

Gun Shows:  Following is a partial list of semi-local upcoming guns shows. If you know of any upcoming gun shows please pass it along for the next newsletter.

January 7 & 8, Cadillac @ Wexford Civic Center

January 7 & 8, Grand Rapids @ 28th Show Place

January 28 & 29, Manistee @ Little River Casino