June 2017 Newsletter

June 16, 2017

The next Social Meeting of Monday, June 26th will feature a .22 Rimfire Steel Shoot with five strings of 10 rounds with your choice of either rifle or pistol at 10-20 yards. This event will be fun for the whole family. Loaner guns and ammo to purchase will be available. The shoot will start around 6ish, rather than the normal 7:00 social meeting. The next Business Meeting will be on July 10th.

The Adams Fly Festival BB Shoot was very well received by all who attended. Lots of “Thanks” to all of the KSC members who helped with this event. The Fly Festival requested us to join them with this activity as they knew how well received it was at last year’s Heritage Days.7QMI8BP0UyBD3Todgp90aVPk7JRdz1J2FzxoZIumL1cCdWAeeRFiJK2v_YKgjmFuMqWDuCVy5Zc123Oz7x9wiFJg3wprGDCKng0_uO9gWqUiTl16Aekw9-ew9yDoUp12=s0-d-e1-ft

Thanks to Mike M. for sending us the Ruger Recall link regarding all Ruger Mark IV™ pistols (including 22/45™ models) manufactured prior to June 1, 2017. If you have one or know someone who does here is the information Ruger Recall .

Effective immediately the practice of raising the Red Flag to signal that the range is in use has been discontinued.

The Kingsley Heritage Days (July 15 & 16) are fast approaching. The KSC will again host the second annual BB Shoot. The BB Shoot will be on Saturday, the 15th from  noon until 6:00 PM.  Volunteers will be needed to help set up on Friday night and for the day of the event. Please contact Rich Core @ 231-883-4535 to sign up for this event.

On Sunday, July 16, the KSC will again host a Turkey Shoot from 1:00 until done. Rich Steffe is organizing this event and will need several volunteers to make it a success. Please call Rich at 231-620-5981 if you are able to help out.

A flyer for both the BB Shoot and The Turkey Shoot is attached. Please make copies and pass them around.

There is a CCW/CPL 2.0 Course scheduled for Saturday August 26, 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  This is a defensive handgun course for CPL holders. Instructors will work one on one to improve your accuracy, consistency and speed. Some subjects include: holster selection & demo, safe & efficient drawing and re-holstering, professional handling methods, reloads, movement and much more. You will become safer more confidant and more effective! Call Ted Hentschel to register. 231-313-0720  $100.00

Many members enjoy shooting Steel Targets rather than just paper. The steel targets are expensive and do get shot up and need to be replaced. The Sunday Pistol Shooters put money into the hat each week for the purchase of their steel targets needs. If you aren’t a Sunday Pistol Shooter and enjoy shooting steel, please consider making a donation to the KSC for the purchase of new targets. You can send a check to the Club’s PO Box or place a donation into the donation receptacle at the range. Thank you in advance for your donation.
July 29, September 23 and October 21 are the 2017 dates for the CCW Classes conducted by Ted Hentschel and Dave Wessel, owner of Great Guns in Acme. The class costs $150.00 and starts at 8:00 am and concludes at 5:30 pm. To reserve your spot please call Ted at 231-313-0720.


For Sale:

#172 – Two Clay Pigeon throwers for sale. One is a tripod model ($50.00) and one is a set on model ($100.00). Contact Bill Faulk @ 231-633-1655 or my56chevy@icloud.com

If you have any firearms that you would like to sell send an email with the information on what it is (brand, model, caliber, finish, barrel length, optics, etc.) and I will include it in the next newsletter. Please indicate if you wish to be contacted directly or through the Club’s email.

Reserved/Dedicated Range Activities. The following reserved activities have first right to the use of the range at the designated days/times. If you are at the range at the same time you will need to adjust your activities to accommodate their needs. Club members and the public are welcome to participate in these activities.

.22 Rimfire Challenge, June 26th from 5:00 till close.

Turkey Shoot, July 16 from noon until 5:00.

Pistol Shooters, every Sunday from noon until 3:00 pm. The first Sunday of the month is CCW day and the last Sunday of the month is .22 day. Sundays in between, shoot what you bring.

4H Shooters, every other Tuesday beginning at 5:30 until 8:00 (June 27, July 11 & 25, August 8 & 22, September 5 & 19, October 3 & 17). The CPL pistol range will be available.

.22 Silhouette Shooters, every Thursday night from 6:00-8:00 pm. This event is open to all and features off hand shooting at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard targets. The CPL pistol range will be available during the 22 Shoot.
Gun Shows:  Following is a partial list of semi-local upcoming guns shows. If you know of any upcoming gun shows please pass it along for the next newsletter.

June 24 & 25, Grand Rapids @ 28th Street Showplace

July 15 & 16, Cadillac @ Wexford Civic Center